About Red Lion

Red Lion, LLC offers a wide range of managed cybersecurity and compliance consulting services. We work alongside client security teams to identify gaps in security postures and minimize security threats.

Boasting a resume of over 20 years of information security experience, when you work with Red Lion you'll have a highly experienced cyber security consultant by your side.

Red Lion professionals are versatile, with real world experience creating custom solutions for organizations of all sizes.

Our Purpose

Red Lion exists to serve information security professionals worldwide. We consider these people as our lion pride and we are fiercely protective and supportive of them.

Red Lion advocates for mental health in security professionals. Our goal is to help those who feel under-supported and overwhelmed by offering managed cybersecurity services and products that reinforce security teams to increase productivity and minimize threats.

Managed Cybersecurity Consultant
Managed Cybersecurity Compliance Pillars

We believe that Compliance is built on 3 Pillars of success

Periodic policy reviews are crucial to ensure practices are well-documented, distributed, and implemented correctly.

Red Lion Security Consulting understands the 90,000 foot view of policies, and how to translate them into the business.

Whether you have a manual or standard practice, let us help you make your procedures industry standard.

We are experienced professionals that can chart any procedure, no matter the complexity.

Control implementation is the hardest and riskiest part of understanding how compliance fits into your business.

Red Lion’s managed cybersecurity services can help you with navigating that minefield.

Client testimonials

Christine Banking - CISO
The Red  Lion Team is literally top-notch. I consider them a partner, not a vendor or service provider. Their ability to conduct scheduled scanning and reporting combined with the ability to apply an incredible amount of discretion to what we do is key to the success of our business. The reports themselves are clean and straightforward. Everyone says "Less is more",  and Red Lion has actually achieved that balance.
Kevin Hedge Fund - IT Director
Red Lion reports are simple and straightforward, making it so easy to know if we are compliant.  This is the third vendor we have tried for vulnerability assessments and it is by far the best and easiest to use.
David Transportation Company - Founder & CEO
Red Lion's understanding of our organization, size, and data all play into how quickly we can make needed changes to remain compliant. Their willingness to change scanning schedules and provide assistance with interpretation of support documentation made for a great experience.

Our Founder

Red Lion Founder

Scott Lyons


Scott Lyons is an Information Security & Compliance expert, whose career includes several government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Scott is currently President-Elect of the Penn State IST Alumni Board and he volunteers with the Marine Corp Cyber Auxiliary. Past Information Security community participation includes a 2 year run as Co-Host on Security & Compliance Weekly, as well as involvement in Defcon and various other industry conferences.

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