Compliance Innovations in the Cloud, Part 2 – Chris Hughes – SCW #70

Cloud has and continues to disrupt many traditional business processes, activities and IT paradigms. Compliance will also be revolutionized by cloud computing. In this session we will dive into many of the headaches and pain points traditionally associated with compliance, explaining how leveraging cloud can improve both compliance and security.

Recorded on 4/20/21

We continue the conversation with Chris Hughes. 

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Compliance Innovations in the Cloud, Part 2


Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes – Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at Rise8


Chris has nearly 15 years of IT/Cybersecurity experience. This ranges from active duty time with the U.S. Air Force, a Civil Servant with the U.S. Navy and General Services Administration (GSA)/FedRAMP as well as time as a consultant in the private sector.

In addition, he also is an Adjunct Professor for M.S. Cybersecurity programs at Capitol Technology University and University of Maryland Global Campus. Chris also participates in industry Working Groups such as the Cloud Security Alliances Incident Response Working Group and serves as the Membership Chair for Cloud Security Alliance D.C. Chris also co-hosts the Resilient Cyber Podcast.

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