Doors Open

Welcome to Red Lion. Our doors are open!

Today marks the first day that Red Lion is officially open for business. We welcome all companies that need solutions to their security issues. Red Lion is a top-shelf Information Security consulting firm with unprecedented access to the highest caliber hackers the industry has to offer.  Our Capabilities are listed below.

Our Capabilities

Security Consulting

● Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation
● Gap Analysis
● Security Systems Development
● Vendor Comparisons
● Hacker resources used


● NIST800-53, ISO27001/2, EUPS, 800-171, BCP / COOP
● Vulnerability & Penetration Testing
● Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)


● Cloud Based Security Audits
● Architecture & Design of systems
● Penetration Testing
● Cloud Compliance
● Cost Savings Methodologies
● AWS, Azure, C2S, Oracle

Talent Placement

● Top Caliber Personnel
● Agreeable Rates
● Access to Cleared Personnel
● All stages in Corporate Maturity
● Interns
● Junior to Senior to Executive


● Automated Service
● Regular Network to ICS/SCADA
● Mitigation Services
● Critical Infrastructure Protection
● Easy to Decipher Reporting
● Focus: Depth over Breadth

Risk Modeling

● Risk, Threat, Vulnerability Mapping
● Asset Discovery and Inventory
● Security and Compliance level set
● Tabletop and onsite exercises
● Multinational Modeling & Mitigation
● Stakeholders Executive Reporting

Identity & Access Management

● Privileged Access Management
● Granular Access Control
● User Attestation to Systems
● Automated provisioning
● Federation extension of systems
● Easy Credential Reset

Policies & Standards Development

● 90,000 Foot view
● Stakeholder involvement
● Fits current business process
● Satisfy Compliance Requirements
● Influence Protection to Employees
● Reduce Risk to the Business

From basic vulnerability scans to compliance validation to full-scope enterprise architecture and security design, we have the right solution to complete your project

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