Protecting Comm. & Collaboration in Contested Environments, Pt 2 – Matthew Erickson #SCW82

Join Matt Erickson, VP of Solutions for SpiderOak Mission Systems to discuss the looming threats to federal and private sector communication and collaboration systems, the consequences of failure, and how emerging technologies such as Zero-Trust and Distributed Ledger can harden our defenses and protect our most valuable data. This segment is sponsored by SpiderOak. 

Recorded 8.10.2021

STATS: Jeff   25% | Josh 19% | Matt Erickson 51% |

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Protecting digital communication and collaboration is critical to both our military and private sector industries in driving mission success. Our ability to secure the local and remote systems we rely on to share and operationalize sensitive and confidential information to and from even the most remote location is vital to national security and our economy.

Unfortunately, our adversaries know this and are dedicated to infiltrating, exfiltrating, and disrupting this flow of information. They are highly motivated, well-funded, trained, and equipped, and work relentlessly to find exploitable technical or human vulnerabilities.

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