Threat Remediation Services

Red Lion threat remediation services will work with your engineering and security staff to build your remediation plan and implement remediation. Prior to implementation we'll also send a consultant onsite to identify and mitigate potential roadblocks and gaps.

Threat Remediation Planning and Implementation Jobs Include:

  • 01 Working with your engineering and security staff to determine a plan to get your enterprise on track, and moving forward proactively.

  • 02 Reports on gap analysis results and remediation plans to senior management.

  • 03 Remediation implementation through leveraging relationships with your staff

  • 04 Reduced sales friction through making your internal processes more efficient.

  • 05 Onsite consultation no less than one week prior to the remediation plan implementation to ensure roadblocks and gaps are identified and addressed early enough to mitigate any potential risks.

  • 06 A detailed and verified breakdown of information security priorities listed in order from critical to informational.

  • 07 A list of policies and procedures that need to be crafted and implemented by the organization.

  • 08 Gathering buy-in from stakeholders by interfacing with them about the topics above and getting the project moving.

  • 09 Correlation of plan to your current roadmap to ensure deduplication of efforts.

  • 10 Feasibility review of plan with internal resources and client resources

The Red Lion Approach

  • We help you discover your needs and goals.

    Your Red Lion security consultant will meet with you to gain an understanding of your business, the issues that you are currently facing, and the overall goals for business and the project at hand.

  • We work with you to define value points.

    Once your needs and goals are understood, our professionals will continue to dig into your processes, procedures, and systems to identify specific value points and deliverables and we build a plan to achieve those.

  • We execute for your success

    Once built, our experts will get to work executing the plan as outlined. During execution we'll have periodic updates to keep you in the loop and give you opportunities for feedback to make sure things are on track.

  • We are your trusted advisors

    Red Lion professionals pride themselves on their knowledge and trustworthiness. You can rest assured that any information shared with your Red Lion Security Consultant will remain private and if you ever have any cyber security or compliance questions you can always reach out to your Red Lion security consultant.

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