Value & Importance of Cybersecurity Certification for Professionals, Part 1 – Casey Marks – SCW #77

Join Dr. Casey Marks’ discussion of the merits of cybersecurity certification and learn whether and how it provides training or proves experience or both, the pros and cons, how to start or approach getting certified, and more.



Recorded 6.22.2021

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Update 1/31/22: 

On this episode of SCW, Csp3r mentioned that (ISC)² should have a volunteer program! Well, guess what! We received this email this morning: 

Dear Scott Lyons,

(ISC)² is excited to announce the launch of our official Volunteer Program. This program will provide a cohesive experience in which you can easily review the available volunteer opportunities, indicate your interests and coordinate activities with (ISC)² staff.  
Serving as an (ISC)² volunteer is a rewarding experience. It provides the opportunity to share ideas and expertise, work with colleagues outside a normal work environment, interact with industry experts and make an impact in both your local and cybersecurity communities.  
To see what is available, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page. Be sure to update your Preferences in your (ISC)² member account, choosing “Yes” for “News and Resources” to receive emails about new volunteering opportunities. You may opt out at any time.   
To volunteer, complete a Volunteer Interest Form to indicate your interests, skills and expertise so you can be matched with the best available volunteer opportunity. 
Visit our Volunteer Program page to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].  
Thank you for being a member of (ISC)²!  
(ISC)² Member Engagement Team




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