Vulnerability Management is Still a Mess – Part 1 – SCW #67

Recorded March 30, 2021

The SCW hosts discuss Rafal Los’ recent blog post “Vulnerability Management is Still a Mess” In the first segment, we will learn all about Rafal’s cybersecurity background and why vulnerability management has not evolved in line with the technology.

Rafal Los – Chief Security Strategist at Lightstream Managed Services




Rafal Los is an industry innovator, strategist, and personality. His career spans 20+ years while working inside companies from a Fortune 10 to a firm of less than 10. Rafal’s strengths include strategic leadership in security products and services – focusing on market strategy, roadmap development and execution, process optimization, and bringing teams together to solve complex problems. Recent achievements include delivering on a company strategy pivot from infrastructure provider to security-as-a-service by rebuilding pre-sales strategy and delivery; implementing significant changes in business process that led to the company’s ability to measure the direct impact of changes on sales and customer lifecycle.



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